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art therapy for couples in Bologna

Therapy for Couples

A couple is made up of two distinct individuals, yet it also exists as a separate entity. The couple is created together, experienced together and therefore it may be appropriate to face difficulties together.


I offer art therapy for couples in English in Bologna and the sessions are usually 60 or 90 minutes long and may be held weekly,  fortnightly or monthly, depending upon the couples' needs and if they are also in individual therapy. Art therapy may be an appropriate choice for couples who are undertaking therapy individually but would also like explore their relationship together in a joint space.

 Art therapy allows the couple to live a new form of intimacy and rediscover the lightness and the pleasure of being together through the creation of something together.

In her book 'Art Psychotherapy' (1980), Harriet Wadeson identifies five advantages for using Art Therapy with couples:

* the act of doing something together helps to create intimacy, opening up new points of view to better understand the other;

* the material revealed in the images, because it is genuine and sometimes unexpected, helps to challenge old hypotheses that are held within a relationship;

* images have a spatial expression that provides couples with a space in which they can visually represent life as a couple;

* it creates a tangible representation. This allows the couple to have a palpable object that they can examine, react to and that can clarify issues and be returned to time after time;

* it offers an activity the couple can enjoy together for those who are no longer able to share "fun" experiences together.

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