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for businesses, NGOs, the voluntary sector, schools etc. 

Art Therapy can be used as a training tool in the most varied contexts and therefore it is suitable for those working with children as well as for those working with adults, for those working in the business world, in schools or in the voluntary sector.


Each training path is created ad hoc to respond to the specific needs of the organisation concerned. There are 3 proposals in terms of format: a half-day or one-day workshop; periodic training sessions of about 2 hours each, for example on a monthly basis; intensive seminars at weekends.


There are many benefits in participating in an art therapy workshop with colleagues and there are no limits to the issues that can be addressed. Below is a list of some examples of the most common benefits and themes:

for those working with children :

experiential day of art therapy in Bologna
  • increased knowledge of art materials and techniques;

  • learning to recognize the psychic and emotional effects of sensory stimuli that art materials create in the growing child;

  • heightened ability to understand a child's non-verbal communications;

  • an exploration of our own inner child allows us to connect with our childhood experience. We need to acknowledge and process our own wounds in order to understand and improve our ways of relating to children.

for those who are caring for the sick and/or elderly :

art therapy for anxiety in bologna
  • an important space to be able to deposit anxieties and fears;

  • a tool to create a realistic estimate of your responsibility towards the other;

  • a space to process mourning, failure and guilt;

  • a space to replenish your energy and take care of yourself.

for those working in the office :

art therapist in Bologna
  • connecting with one's creativity improves the ability to think creatively, which helps us solve problems, take initiatives and feel alive and active;

  • being creative increases self-esteem and brings a sense of satisfaction which in turn increases willingness to invest one's time and energy;

  • collaborating with others creatively helps to create bonds and solidarity among colleagues that counteracts tendencies towards isolation or competition.

for those working in teams with others :

art therapist in Bologna
  • a taste of group therapy helps the individual understand the dynamics of a group and what role they tend to adopt within it;

  • an introduction to group theories, how groups develop and the defense mechanisms groups adopt for their survival;

  • a protected space where one can express one's own difficulties in relationships and experiment with solutions;

  • a team building tool that lasts over time because it is built on shared experiences and emotions.

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