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What my clients say:

"I met Rebecca Hetherington thanks to the school attended by my children who had organized a course of art therapy. I did not know this type of activity, so I did not expect anything from this course apart from simply entertaining my children.


At the end of the year I went to talk with Rebecca and she opened up a world for me. She had fully understood all the problems of my daughter. I therefore decided to continue this path privately, to direct the "therapy" on the specific problems that had emerged.


Rebecca not only enthused my children who were always eager to come to her sessions but in a few lessons she has managed, with great professionalism, commitment and dedication to bring out their problems and help my children face their insecurities. It was a totally positive experience I'm pleased to share.


Rebecca proved to be a trained, professional but above all an extremely capable person with small children. Thanks Rebecca for letting me discover your world. "

(Mother of a brother and sister who had joint sessions.)

When I began art therapy with Rebecca Hetherington, I had been to other psychologists previously, but I had never felt so listened to, understood, and most of all "seen".  For the first time, I felt that I had a connection and that I could really open up. It made me discover a whole hidden world inside me. It helped me understand that the tools I needed were already inside of me, I just needed someone to help me find them and I feel that Rebecca did just this.

I felt comforted by her words: as if they were hugging me. I cannot but recommend her because thanks to her I finally began feeling good about myself. Thanks to her, I feel I've really changed. I feel that she has been able to open up new paths for me that I can follow without being afraid. Thanks to her, I feel I can smile more easily.
She is professional, yet at the same time she makes you feel at ease. I still believe that meeting her was one of the most important and happy moments of my life.
Using drawing as a means of expression is important and you don't need to know how to draw to be able to do art therapy. It simply becomes a means of connecting with what you have inside you and allows you to bring it out and show it with others. I recommend her approach to anyone looking above all for sensitivity. Thanks again for helping me change myself for the better!

(Adult who had individual sessions for six months)

"I started the group with no particular expectations and almost by chance, in order to work as much as possible on myself and my identity. I was truly pleased with the experience: the group represented a safe and judgment-free space for me, in which I started experimenting with my gender identity as a transsexual boy. I felt totally accepted and this allowed me to grow and develop through the art-works, and more than this. I am grateful to Rivkah for the opportunity and for her rare level of sensitivity, thanks to which I knew I could open myself completely. I certainly recommend the experience to anyone who wants to work on themselves without prejudice and with respect for their own and others' limitations. "

(participant of the art therapy group Punto D'Incontro : 2016-2017 and 2017-2018)

using art materials to explore and themselves

""I met Rebecca Hetherington when I decided to try an art therapy group, which I joined almost by chance, at the age of 22. Right from the beginning, the world of everything I could not say was opened up and magically appeared, expressing itself through my drawings. Finally I could get close to what was unsaid, to what needed alternative ways to be expressed.  It certainly made me make big steps forward in self-awareness, in a safe, stable and fun environment. After the group had finished, I moved to another city where I immediately looked for other Art Therapy group: I felt the need for it and I really missed the group. Having now had experiences with other art therapists, I can assure everyone that Rebecca has remarkable sensitivity and delicacy. "

(participant of the art therapy group Punto D'Incontro : 2014-2015)

scared black cat

"Hello! I enjoyed the art therapy group for 3 years. I was repeatedly the oldest, anagraphically speaking. In my opinion, art therapy is about trying to understand who we are and how we feel in order to resolve internal conflicts while we also have fun laughing. The means to do all of this is with art materials: paper, brushes, clay, newspapers, textiles, jars and other recycled materials assembled together or simply a coloured dot on a white sheet. They are defined WORKS, born from our mood of that moment or of the past. I have taken part in both LGBTQ group meetings and individual sessions with Dr. Hetherington, a very patient woman with the ability to always give a gentle reading to the constructed works. When I invited some of my friends to the group, they answered: 'but I cannot draw ...'. But this is not a course to learn to paint. Rather, through what you create or do not create you discover a piece of yourself each time and you take it home. The group sessions are twice a month on Sunday afternoons, a very pleasant appointment. You know that you will go to a protected place where you can express what you feel with PEOPLE who have the desire to enter the world of ourselves. a hug from the fantastic universe of Art therapy. "  (participant of the art therapy group Punto D'Incontro : 2014-2017 

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