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About me

I am an English-speaking art therapist in Bologna. I was born in London in 1977 and moved to Bologna in 2000. I trained as an artist at Winchester School of Art (BA/Hons Fine Art, University of Southampton, 1995-1999) and later studied an MA in Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art (University of the Arts London, 2010-11). Thanks to these studies, I realised that my passion lay in using my artistic sensibility to help people improve the quality of their lives. I returned to Bologna in 2011 and undertook the four-year training course to become an art therapist at 

 Art Therapy ItalianaI am registered in the UK with the Health Care Professions Council as 'Art Psychotherapist' (no. AS 16144) and in Italy, where sadly art therapy has yet to be formally recognised as a form of psychotherapy, with ApiArt (Ass. Professionale Italiana Arteterapeuti, no. 397). In Italy, I am a registered Psychologist (no. 10963).

I practice privately as an art therapist in my studio in the Savena district of Bologna, where I offer individual therapy in English or Italian for adults, adolescents and children, therapy for couples and group therapy. I work as a children's art therapist at the International School of Bologna where I run art therapy groups for English speakers and Third Culture Kids for a variety of ages. After several years' work experience with the Child and Adult Mental Health Centres in San Lazzaro, I have stayed in touch with them and still follow some of their patients.

I am a member of the Coordinamento Clinico sul Adozione e Affido of Art Therapy Italiana and I have a particular interest in research in the field of art therapy with adopted children and foster children.

I love working with children and adults of all different ages because every period of life brings different challenges. My youngest clients were 18 months old ... and my oldest... well, that would be telling ;-) !

I have done voluntary work with Bologna social services for foster children and unaccompanied minors (refugees) as well as with adults in Bologna's women's prison. I strongly believe in the effectiveness of art therapy, above all in the field of trauma. As of yet, art therapy hasn't received the recognition I believe it deserves in Italy, and as such it risks being a 'luxury' for those who have the resources to afford it. If you would like to donate a course of art therapy for a traumatised child, contact me for information about 

 'progetto uova'! Thank you :-)

Rebecca/Rivkah Hetherington
Art Psychotherapist / Art Therapist 
Artist - Painter
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