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What is Qabalah?

What is the Universe? This is the main question that Qabalah seeks to answer. It is an exploration of the infinite universes that we find outside of us, which however are reflected within us: not by chance, many of the ideas underlying Freud's psychoanalysis and Jung's analytical psychology reflect Qabalistic concepts.

So whoever undertakes a study of Qabalah, also undertakes a journey - the journey that will take him further and further inside himself as the further he manages to go.

Qabalah is Jewish mysticism, which for years was a very secret study reserved for the few initiated. Today it was opened, although most of the publications deliberately contain errors. It is a discipline that combines religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology and esotericism. There are links to astrology, universal archetypes and names to the Archangels and Angels who have been transformed into human form by the Catholic religion.

Concretely, as the Sepher Jetzirah says, the study of Qabalah can be divided into three main branches: speculative, contemplative and ritualistic.

  • Speculative Qabalah developed from the book of 'Zohar' which forms the basis of the Safed school of Moses Cordovero and Isaaco Luria in the 16th century. This school provides the majority of texts in which the Sephiroth, sacred letters and angels are considered through intellect and meditation.

  • Contemplative Qabalah originates in the works of Abraham Abulafia in the 12th century and works through a form of meditation based on the Divine Names and permutations of the sacred letters.

  • Ritualistic Qabalah operationalizes the studies of speculative and contemplative Qabalah.

We offer study courses and meditations.

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