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About me

I was born in London in 1977 and moved to Bologna in 2000. In 1999 i received a BA degree in Fine Art Painting from Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton) and then in 2011 an MA in Fine Art from Wimbledon School of Art (University of the Arts in London). Thanks to my MA, I realized that my passion was in using my artistic training to work directly with people. I returned to Bologna in 2011 where I enrolled in a four year training course as an art therapist at Italian Art Therapy that I completed in 2016. I am registered in the UK with the Health Care Professions Council with the title of  'Art Psychotherapist' (no. AS 16144) and in Italy, where art therapy is not recognised as a psychotherapy, as an 'Art Therapiat' with ApiArt (Ass. Professionale Italiana Arteterapeuti) no. 397.


I have my private practice in the Savena District of Bologna and I also work with schools. In particular, I have art therapy groups active with the International School of Bologna since 2016. Following on from several years of internship, I follow cases in collaboration with child and adult mental health centres of San Lazzaro. I am a member of the Clinical Coordination on Adoption and Foster Children of Art Therapy Italiana.


I love working with all age groups because every age brings different challenges. My youngest customers are 18 months old ... the older ones have no age limit. I am activating art therapy projects for children and adolescents in foster care and unaccompanied minors. I believe in the effectiveness of the arts therapies, especially in the field of children with traumatic experiences. Art therapy does not have the recognition in Italy that I believe it deserves, and it remains a 'luxury' for those with economic resources to afford it. If you want to help by donating a course of art therapy to a traumatized child without parents, write to me for more information! Thank you :-)

Dr. Rebecca/Rivkah Hetherington
Psychodynamically oriented art therapist
Artist - Painter
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